ASO and ODC are pleased to announce the organization of the 3rd Edition of the Andalucia Rally.

This European rally, the 4th round of the new FIA and FIM cross Country rally World Championship, will take place from October 18 to 23, 2022 from the city of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla).  The bivouac will be set up on the magnificent Gran Hipodromo de Andalucia.

The 16th and 17th of October will be devoted to the Private Test, October 17th and 18th to administrative and technical checks as well as the Qualifying Stage for all categories.  After which will follow 5 days of stages through typical scenery of Andalucía.

After crisscrossing the Province of Cadiz, you will discover the Province of Sevilla where we will offer you the best suitable tracks for rally raids offered in the region, with specials of 200 to 300 km per day.

The bivouac will remain in a fixed point during the entire rally, at the Gran Hipodromo de Andalucia, and each stage will take place in a loop: start and finish at the Hippodrome.

In addition to the few signals and cordons placed throughout the course, a color-coded road-book will be handed out.  It will be in electronic form for all FIA Auto and SSV, and Open competitors.

Each competitor will be equipped with a GPS and an Iritrack, except for the Moto Rally3 category, which will benefit from a Smalltrack beacon.  This safety equipment will allow us to track the position of all the vehicles at all times and will allow us to follow the results live throughout the stages.  This equipment must be reserved with our service providers via the link that you will find in the ˝Competitors˝ section, Rental of Safety Equipment.

The Andalucia Rally 2022 will benefit from the ˝Road to Dakar˝ Label. Interested competitors must register in the ˝Road to Dakar˝ category (see ˝ Road to Dakar˝ tab for conditions of entry).  The participants qualified to enter the Road to Dakar are the drivers in the Rally2 category who have never participated in the Dakar and having participated in the Rallye du Maroc 2022. The teams in the T4 category who have never participated in the Dakar are also eligible to register in the Road to Dakar. Free entries for the 2023 Dakar are at stake!

The categories of this Andalucia Rally are as follows:


  • FIA World Championship T1, T3 and T4: competitors must be in possession of an FIA Competition license.  Please contact your ASN for any questions about your license.  The organizers are not responsible for a mistake in the choice of licenses.
  • Open: for cars and SSVs outside FIA and Dakar regulations. Competitors must be in possession of an international licence with permission to leave the territory of their ASN (or National for competitors from Spanish Federations).  SSV Open must have a range of 120 km.


  • FIM RALLYGP World Championship: this category is reserved only for experienced competitors accepted by the FIM Championship Committee.  The list of eligible riders will be published on the FIM website. Range of 250 Km.
  • FIM RALLY2 World Cup: this category is reserved for riders not registered on the RALLYGP Riders list and riding a Rally Motorcycle (up to 450 cc).  Competitors must be in possession of an FIM RALLY2 license. Range of 250 Km.
  • FIM RALLY3 World Cup: this category is reserved for riders not registered on the RALLYGP riders list and riding an Enduro motorcycle suitable for rally (up to 450 CC).  The maximum speed for these machines is 130 km/h.  Competitors must be in possession of an FIM RALLY3 license. Range of : 120 Km. ( Rally3 Definition )
  • Quad World Cup: category open to all.  The maximum speed during the Specials and liaisons is 130 km/h.  Competitors must be in possession of an FIM Quad license. Range of 250 Km.